Welcome to longing.ca, where you’ll find unique and stunning artwork I’m proud to share with the world. 

I was born in Vanak, Tehran. I spent my primary school years at Payandeh School in Tehranno. Then, because of my father’s job, we moved to Qaemshahr city in Mazandaran, and I was there during high school until the 10th grade when I moved to Booshehr and finished high school.

I immigrated to Italy at the age of seventeen. There, I entered a country full of extraordinary arts of painting, sculpture, architecture, and music, and I absorbed all those beauties in my mind and soul. After seven years, I returned to Iran and spent fifteen years pursuing my passion for flowers, producing green space plants and tropical flowers. 

After that, I ran a business for ten years, gained countless experiences, and simultaneously completed my higher education in the field of Middle East studies until I moved to Turkey. After staying in Denizli for two years, I immigrated to Edmonton, Canada. I started the artwork with laser machines and then began painting on canvas, which has been extremely enjoyable for me.

Today, I create stunning works of art using a variety of mediums, including laser machines and canvas painting. Each piece is a reflection of my soul and experiences, and I’m thrilled to be able to share them with the world through longing.ca.

Art should be accessible to all, and I’m committed to offering a wide range of affordable, high-quality pieces. Thank you for visiting longing.ca, and I look forward to sharing my love of art with you.

Meet the Artist: Shahram Sobhani

Shahram Sobhani
Shahram Sobhani
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